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Blue and Green Groups



Start the lesson with a game, click on the link below.

Put a counter on the start, roll a dice and move, can you say the sound you land on and say a word with that sound in? Miss a turn if you are unsure, who can reach the finish first.



Use the look, cover, write, check method to help you record and learn Phase 4 tricky words. Click on the video below to show you how to use look, cover, write and check. Use the words:


said    so    do   little    one    when   there



Look, say, cover, write, check

In this animated video we look at a simple technique to help you improve how you study and practice your spelling with the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check...

Teach and Practise

Click on the link below for the phonics play website, you do not have to log in to play the game.


Play the Dragon's Den game. Click start, select phase 4 and then choose Revise all Phase 4. Good luck!




Read the sentences below using all the sounds and strategies we have learnt.


Sniff the sweet jar.


Yum! Scoop the sweets into a bag.


Chomp the sweets and crunch them up.

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