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Do you remember playing Tic, Tac,Toe before our holiday? So many of you said you enjoyed it that I thought we would play again using different sounds!


Click on the link below and follow the instructions on how to play the game. Remember you don't have to print out the sheet just copy the sounds into your book.



Today we are going to look at some Phase 4 tricky words. Can you read the words below and then write them in a sentence with a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. 


so      do       some


Teach and Practise


Click on the link below for the phonics play website, you do not have to log in to play the game.


Play the Dragon's Den game. Click start, select phase 4 and then choose Revise all Phase 4. Good luck!




Click on the link below to listen to the sentences I would like you to write today. Remember to include a capital letter, finger space and full stop.

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