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Blue and Green Groups



You have done an amazing job at recording different sentences to match pictures on the website. Can you click on the link below and read the captions to your family.



Today I would like your parent to test you on the tricky words we have learnt this week.

Ask an adult to read out each word and write it down in your green book, how many can you spell?


will   that   then   now   this   down   look   with   for   them


Teach and Practise


Please click on the phonics play link below, log in with

username: jan21 and password: home


Click the RESOURCES tab at the top of the page, scroll down the page until you see Rocket Rescue and click Phase 3.



You have done a great job on creating 2 zigzag books, I would like you to make another zigzag book today. On the front page write the title: At the River. Click on the link to hear what I would like you to write on each page, remember to add a picture to go with your sentence and remember a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.

Happy holiday, Year One!! Make sure you have some fun with your family and relax!
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