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We have learnt all of the Phase 3 sounds now. You have been amazing at learning the sounds so we are going to play the game below. You have to roll a dice and read the words. Can you read them correctly? If an adult wants to video you and send it to your teacher that would be great!


There are lots of documents in the folder but just choose the first one to play today.



Today we are going to look at some new High Frequency Words. Can you write them out a few times in your Remote Learning book. 


down     look     with     for     them


Teach and Practise


You have been doing a fantastic job creating your zigzag books this week and last week. Today I would like you to draw a picture of the town and then label the picture with the words below. Can your child spell the words as you read them out using the sounds we have learnt.


bus   taxi    road    park    church    shop   market     rooftop




Go to the phonics play website using the link below, you do not have to log to play the game.


Play the Buried Treasure game. Click start, select phase 3 and then choose Revise all Phase 3. Good luck!

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