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Blue and Green Groups



Do you remember playing the Splat Game last week? So many of you enjoyed it that I thought we would play it again today.


To play you will need to open the document below and copy just the sounds into your green book or you can print out the document. 

Next get 27 small pieces of paper and write each sound on 1 piece of paper eg j, then v, then w etc.

Put all the pieces of paper in a pile face down so you cannot see the sounds.

Play with a friend, one person picks up a piece of paper and says the sound, see who can find the sound first in your green book or on the sheet if you have printed it out. As soon as you see the sound splat it by placing your hand over it.

You want to be the person who finds the sound first!


Good luck!! Did you splat the most sounds first or did your friend?



Play the spelling game for Phase 3 tricky words.


Click on the link below and then find Against the Clock, choose play as a single player. 

Listen to the lady read the sentence and type the missing word into the box and click check


Teach and Practise


Can you remember looking at 2-syllable words last week? Watch the video below as a quick reminder.

Two-Syllable Words | ELA for 1st Grade | Kids Academy

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Can you write the following 2-syllable words in your Green Remote Learning book.


kitten tonight trumpet flapjack boatman woodland carpet




Read the sentences below using the sounds we have learnt and answer yes or no in your books.


Can we get wool from sheep?


Will six cows fit in a car?


Can a chicken sit on a chair?


Can a goat quack?  


Can you cook in a bedroom? 


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