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Blue and Green Groups



Recap the phase 3 sounds we have learnt so far using the link below to Phonics Bloom.




We have learnt all the phase 3 sounds now. We are going to use the next lessons to recap some of the sounds we have covered.

Say the sound ai to your child can they remember it and write it down in their book?

Can they use the sound to write the words


rain   sail   wait   hail   tail


Now do the same for the sound ee


weep    feel    week    keep   feet


Practise and Apply


Using all the sounds we have learnt so far, I would like you to open the document below and write a sentence to match each picture. Please write these in your green book remembering a capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces and a full stop at the end. Please think about all the sounds we have learnt and what you can hear in each word.

Phase 3 Sentences

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