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Use the link below to take you to phonics play. Log in with:

username: jan21 and password: home


Click start, then continue and select all phase 3




We are going to recap all phase 3 tricky words that we have been practising. Can you remember them? See if someone in your family can do a quick test with you in your green book. Can you write the words:


he   she   we   me   be   you   all   are   her   was   they   my


How many did you remember and get right?


Teach and Practise


Your sound for today is air

Write the air sound down in your green home learning book, remember your teacher wants to see careful and neat handwriting!

Please watch the video below, reading the air words using the sound buttons.

air Words | Phase 3 Phonics

Let's sound out some 'air' words!If you would like your children to sound out independently, simply mute the video.For more Phonics Segmenting and Blending a...

Read out the following air words to your child and see if they can write them in their green books with sounds buttons under the different letters and a line under the sound air.


hair    stairs    repair    chair    pair




Go back to the phonics play website using the link below, you will have to log in again if you are still not logged in.


Play the Dragon’s Den game. Click start, select phase 3 and then choose the +air sound. Good luck!

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