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Please click on the phonics play link below, log in with

username: jan21 and password: home


Click the RESOURCES tab at the top of the page, scroll down the page until you see Flashcards Time Challenge and click on the stopwatch.


Click the red start button, select Phase 2 and 3 and click GO!



Click on the link below to play Tricky Word Trucks

Teach and Practise


You have been amazing at reading and writing 2-syllable words. Can you ask an adult to read out the following words so you can write them down in your Remote Learning book.


zigzag    liquid    powder    toothbrush    corner    wigwam    morning




Use all the sounds we have learnt so far to read the following questions. Answer yes or no to the questions in your book.


Can a bus go down a road?


Will you meet a shark in the park?


Can a taxi park in a town?


Can you get fish and chips near a market?  


Can a bug get off a cobweb?


Will you put on a jacket if you visit a queen?

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