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How did you get on with the rhyming strings last week? Did you enjoy the poems? 

This week we would like you to think about our Topic - Wish you were here, which is linked to being at the seaside. Have you ever been to Blackpool or any other seaside? If you have then talk about your memories of the trip with your family. If you have never been to the seaside then look at the videos in the topic folder.

Use the questions and ideas below to try and write your own poem this week about being at the seaside. If you complete the poem remember you can email it to us - we would love to hear them.

What did you see? sand, water, sandcastles, rides, seagulls, buckets and spades, kites, ice cream van, beach huts, kites, pier 

What could your hear? children playing, ice cream van, seagulls, the water

What did you like to touch? the sand slipping through your fingers or under your feet, the cold water on your feet, the bumpy shells

What did you like to taste? Hot, tasty fish and chips, cold ice cream melting in your mouth, rock

What could your smell? the sea, fish and chips

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