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Did you enjoy watching the Mr Benn stories? Which was your favourite adventure? Have you had chance to watch them all?

This week we would like your child to choose their favourite adventure and re-write the story in their own words.

Monday - Watch the video again with your child, stopping at the beginning and discussing where the story starts. Make reference to the questions from last week and ensure your child can talk about the story and understands it before they start writing. Discuss how Mr Benn gets to the costume shop and what happens when he goes through the green door. Where does he land? What's the problem in the story?

How does Mr Benn help solve it? How does he get home? etc

Tuesday  - Start writing the beginning of the story. Help your child focus on a good story opener such as One Sunday morning, It was a wet day on Festive Road or One frosty morning etc. Today your child could write the story just up to Mr Benn going through the green door. 

Wednesday - Children could write about the middle of the story and the problem Mr Benn is faced with - Remember lots of discussion before writing.

Thursday - Children to write the end of the story.

Friday - Children could illustrate their story and you could spend time going through their writing with them. What you liked about their writing and anything you think they need to work on for example remembering capital letters and full stops.

Before your child starts to write remind them of what makes a good writer - remembering punctuation: capital letters, full stops, question marks and speech marks. Encourage them to try and remember adjectives to make their writing interesting eg: Mr Benn saw a beautiful, huge castle. Remind them about conjunctions - using and, but, because in their sentences. Last but not least best handwriting!

Yellow and Red groups will be able to write the whole story.

Green group could attempt writing some of the story

Blue group could write one or two sentences about the story with support.

Good luck - we're confident you'll be amazed at just what your child can produce! Remember you can email us any of your child's work if you wish 

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