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Geography 2

Find where you live. Where is the nearest seaside town? Do you know its name? Have you ever been? What makes it a seaside town?

Fun with your Family. How many differences can you spot in the seaside pictures? Talk about why they are different.

I Want to Go to the Seaside

Little Princess and friends go to the beach, but it starts to rain. Join Little Princess as she explores her world and all the things she wants to do!

I Want to Go to the Seaside - Read Along with Little Princess!

When Little Princess and the royal household visit the beach, they learn that there's more to the seaside than ice-cream and donkey rides!

Grandpa in My Pocket - The Most Splendiferous Sandcastle in Sunnysands | Series 1

Grandpa in My Pocket Series 1 Episode 7 - The Most Splendiferous Sandcastle in Sunnysands..

Travelling and different types of transport

Watch the clip that is all about transport and travelling around London. What did you find out? 
Can you answer these questions?
What form of transport can you use to travel around London?
How did William and Kilala travel around London?
Where did William and Kilala visit while they were in London? 

Transport, travel and landmarks of London | Geography - William Whiskerson
Have fun singing along to this song all about transport. Can you recognise all the forms of transport in the song?
Can you make up your own actions to go with the song?

Modes and means of transport

This video will help you to learn about MODES of transport and MEANS of transport. A mode of transport is the different ways of transport that you and other things can get from one place to another. This includes by air, water and land.
The means of transport is what kind of vehicle you would you use to get from one place to another. 

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