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I really hope you enjoyed the story of the Jumblebum last week!

I thought I would read you another story this week ...The Gruffalo.

Julia Donaldson used her imagination when she created the Gruffalo with all its features! He has terrible tusks and a wart on his nose. He has a black tongue and purple prickles.

I wonder if you could use your imagination to create your own story character? What would your character look like? How big would it be? What colour would it be? Would it look scary or perhaps beautiful?

I would love you to send me your characters when you have drawn them. You could label their features.

send them to:


The Gruffalo.

Gruffalo song

Have a listen to The Gruffalo Song.
Why don't you try and put some actions to the song and sing it to your family?

Eid lantern crafts.

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