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Smiley Shark Story

Our Topic this half term is all about the seaside. Have you ever been to the seaside?

Why is it called the 'Seaside'?

A map shows you different places.

Do you know whereabouts you live? Can you find it on the map? 

Use this link to see if you can find your house! Can you find a place near the seaside?

She Sells Seashells by the Seashore | Tongue Twisters

This is a tongue twister! Listen to the tongue twister first, then see if you can join in!
It's not as easy as you think! When you have practiced ask someone in your house to try it...Who will be the best?!
If you can, send us a video of you or someone in your house saying the tongue twister. I'm going to practice and show you next week!!

BBC Schools: Barnaby Bear - Episode 1 'Seaside'

.Barnaby gets up to lots of adventures! In this episode he tells us all about the seaside and the things we might see there.Hope you enjoy it!

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