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Hello everyone, this weeks maths is time.


  • Practise reading and writing numbers in words up to 100.
  • continue counting in jumps of 2, 3, 5, 10 using number splat from last week.
  • Recall half and double of a number where appropriate e.g double 3 is 6 and half of 6 is 3.


Please look online at White Rose maths for year 1 aswell as they have lots of amazing activities in all areas of maths to help and challenge your child!



Revise time vocab – seconds, minutes, hours.  How many minutes in an hour?

Give the children some times on the analogue clock. (O'clock, half past and quarter past)  Can they tell you the time?  Look carefully at the position of the long hand and the short hand. Introduce quarter to the hour with support.


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