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Jumblebum Story

Is your bedroom tidy or untidy? Listen to this story and find out what happens if you have a very untidy bedroom!

The Little Red Hen ReadAlong StoryBook

No one would help the poor Little Red Hen!
What should they have done? How could they have helped the little Red Hen?
I want you to think about how you help others in your house. What do you do to help?
Make a list of at least 5 things you could do to help peolple in your house.
We would love to see your list and how you are going to be a helpful and kind person.

Transport Song!

Have fun singing along to this song all about transport. Can you recognise all the forms of transport in the song?
Can you make up your own actions to go with the song?

Modes and means of transport.

This video will help you to learn about MODES of transport and MEANS of transport.
A mode of transport is the different ways of transport that you and other things can get from one place to another. This includes by air, water and land.
The means of transport is what kind of vehicle you would you use to get from one place to another.

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